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Welcome to formerly know as the gay-spa banner exchange.

How does this banner exchange work?

When you signup for an account you are given a piece of code to put on all your web sites. This code will show banners belonging to other members of the exchange on your site. For every 2 banners your site displays we will display your banner once on another persons page. So if the page you put the banner exchange code gets 10,000 hits for the day - we show your banner 5,000 times on someone elses page, helping expose your site to more people. This banner exchange is different in that we will give you bonus exposures if a surfer clicks on the banner displayed on your page rewarding which means your banner will be displayed more often. If you want to generate lots of bonus exposure then we recommend you place our banner nearer to the top of your page. You can rest assured that this system is fair because we have anti cheat mechanisms in place to prevent people stealing hits from the system by repeatedly loading their page to generate credits or by constantly clicking on banners.

At present there are two categories one is for g-rated site, the other for adult sites. You can choose when you sign up if you want your banner to display on adult sites or g-rated sites. If you want to promote your g-rated site then you will be able to display your banner on other g-rated sites, or adult sites or both. If you have an adult site then your banner will only be allowed to be displayed on other adult sites.

If you wish to purchase ads then signup for a sponsor account, the price is US$2.00 per 1,000 displays of your ad.

If you are a surfer looking for gay sex - some free gay galleries or free gay porn then click here.